RXBAR: paleo, healthy and delicious

Alright before we get into this, let me share a little backstory. Recently I have decided to follow a paleo based diet. So far it has been great; I feel way less bloated, lethargic and don’t crave junk food anymore because I am fueling my body with more wholesome, healthy and tasty alternatives. It also made me feel more energetic and ready for the day. Not to mention the fact that pretty much everyone is some sort of vegan, paleo, gluten free, dairy free or whatever free nowadays, so I mean I could not miss out on a label either.

Besides the fact that my friends make fun of me when they eat pizza it has another little downside as well; it can be a little hard to stick to the diet if you are always on the go. If you are a busy person who loves snacking (like me), nutrition bars are a great invention. Most nutrition bars in grocery stores contain sugar , dairy, wheat or something else that I rather not have anymore. They are basically candy bars trying to disguise themselves as healthy food. For this reason, RXBARS are one of my favorite recent discoveries!

RXBAR’s come in 11 different flavors. All of them contain 12 G. of protein, therefore it is also a good post workout snack. Okay now, without further ado here are all the benefits of RXBAR’s.

  1. The ingredients are simple and wholesome.                                                                    The Bars contain no gluten, soy, dairy or added sugar. My favorite flavor at the moment, Coconut Chocolate, contains only; 3 egg whites, 6 almonds, 4 Cashews and 2 Dates, along with a little bit of cacao and coconut flavoring and sea salt. So there are no sketchy ingredients that no one exactly knows about, or can pronounce.
  2. Non GMO.
    A GMO (genetically modified organism) is the result of a laboratory process where genes from the DNA of one species are extracted and artificially forced into the genes of an unrelated plant or animal. The foreign genes may come from bacteria, viruses, insects, animals or even humans.
    Yep, that is not something you’d want to have in your food.
  3. Suitable for  and paleo-diet.                                                                                       The ingredients in the bars are incredibly simple and contain no dairy, soy or gluten which makes it suitable for people who follow the paleo-diet, and people who just like great wholesome food.
  4. Many flavors to chose from.                                                                                                    RXBAR offers a variety of 11 different flavors: chocolate sea salt, peanut butter chocolate, chocolate chip, blueberry, peanut butter, coconut chocolate, maple sea salt, mixed berry, mint chocolate, coffee chocolate and apple cinnamon. Because of this variety pretty much everyone can find a flavor they like.

All in all RXBAR’s are absolutely great in my opinion. I just toss them in my bag when I spend the day on the go. It is a great healthy alternative for cookies and other sugary stuff for all of you out there who have a serious sweet tooth problem like me.

image1 (2).JPG

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