Hu Kitchen: perfect place for health-food lovers in New York

As some of you might know, I am paleo. This means that going out for food can be a challenge sometimes. Finding a place where:d6cdOuHx_400x400

  1. You can get food that has no gluten, dairy and other stuff you don’t eat
  2.  Where you’d LIKE to eat
  3. That is affordable
  4. Where you can convince your (non paleo/vegan) friends, who much rather have pizza, to come to

is a bit of a quest. However recently I discovered a place that fits all of the above and I absolutely love. I present to you: Hu kitchen.

Is it healthy and does it what dietary needs does it meet?

Hu kitchen offers high quality/low processed foods with many options for paleo and vegans. Moreover, most of the food that is served is paleo by default. By getting your take-out lunch at Hu-kitchen you are doing your health a favor since there are no unhealthy foods available whatsoever. Just take a look at the image below.


The variety of options you can get is quite large. The have breakfast options, quick snacks, lunch options and also packed foods that you can buy for use at home (such as granola, coffee and chocolate).

Options and Taste test.

Their breakfast options include but are not limited to: parfaits and oatmeal, avocado toast, variations of egg recipes and breakfast bowls. The other day I tried their avocado “toast” ( which consisted of: org egg, org black bean, org pico de gallo, avocado, “fauxcaccia” (contains nuts), dairy-free “ranch”). I had to ask them to leave out the beans  to make it completely paleo, which they kindly did, and I even got some extra veggies as a compensation! It was absolutely delicious. Even my non-paleo friend, who is mostly skeptical about the whole matter, agreed that it was an amazing meal and that the “toast” tasted even better than “normal bread”.

Hu-Kitchen also features a large variety of snack and treat options such as muffins, scones, paleo bars, and many more. My favorite treat of all time that you can get at Hu-Kitchen is “THE BONITO” from the mash-bar. It consists out of: house-made almond butter, grain-free granola, cashew cream, and organic strawberries. It is sweet, nutty and an absolute treat for your taste buds, I’d pick it over Ben & Jerry’s ice cream any day. And trust me this is a shocker, back in my non-paleo days that was pretty much my favorite desert.

Their lunch options are pretty awesome as well, they have a variety of vegan options as well as paleo options. A few examples would be: Organic Rotisserie chicken, various salads, hot sides (sweet potato, market vegetables, quinoa, and many more) and soup.

Price/quality comparison

Surprisingly, the prices at Hu-kitchen tend to be as human as their food. You can get a full-on breakfast under 10 dollars and a complete lunch under 15 dollars. Treats tend to be between 3 and 7 dollars. Considering that all food is healthy, organic, and very high quality, this is not that expensive, especially in New York City!

All in all, I would definitely recommend Hu-Kitchen to my fellow New-Yorkers or people visiting New York. The place is not only filled with healthy meal options, a laid-back vibe and friendly employees, it is also affordable. I, personally, will definitely be coming here more often.  And not only because I happen to be addicted to their BONITO from the mash-bar.

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