The Meets Eatery: Amsterdam Vegan Hotspot

The other day I went for cake with my mum, she said it was really nice even though it did taste really vegan.

The Meets eatery is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. I have been there a couple of times with my friends and every time I was wildly satisfied. The products are locally sourced and mostly organic. The food is hand made, delicious, free from refined sugars, 80% of it is plant based and gluten free options are available. All in all it is super lovely! I However, I do not recommend trying the blue latte, it indeed does taste fishy, as the waitress warned me.

The Menu

The menu features all-day breakfast options such as smoothie bowls, pastries and pancakes.


There are also a lot of cool lunch options: sandwiches, wraps, burgers, soups and salads.


Snacks are really really good too! The beetroot balls and truffle potato chips are my personal fave.


And last but not least: Cakes!!!



Looks good I am right? I will definitely pass by this hotspot for some acai cashew cheesecake some time soon. If you decide to drop by, definitely let me know what you think on Instagram or drop me a message through the contact form.

Much Love,


The Meets Eatery, Cornelis Troostplein 3, 1072 JJ, Amsterdam, opening hours: 08.00-22.00, tel: +31615316734 Website


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