The Meets Eatery: Amsterdam Vegan Hotspot

The Meets eatery is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. I have been there a couple of times with my friends and every time I was wildly satisfied. The products are locally sourced and mostly organic. The food is hand made, delicious, free from refined sugars, 80% of it is plant based and gluten free options are available. All in all it is super lovely!

Summer 2017 Makeup Trends You Need To Know About

It is summer, which means you probably have more time, which means you have more time to do your make-up, which means you can look like Beyoncé. Okay I lied, no one can look like Beyoncé. Nevertheless; with the following make-up trends (as seen on catwalks and fashion weeks around the world) you can slay…

June Summer Beauty Finds

Sunshine, beach waves in your hair, shades and white wine, who does not love the summer? Summer 2017 has brought me a few beauty discoveries that made this season even better. So get yourself a cocktail, amiga, and lets get this list of beauty finds rolling.

About strippers, dirty dishes and summer jobs.

Money. What a great thing to have. Unfortunately, when I set foot on Amsterdam ground (after spending half a year in New York) I had about 2 euro in my bank account. I blame it on the overpriced avocados, but some may beg to differ. My ex-flatmate for example is convinced I am complete rubbish…

Beach vibes: health benefits of hitting the beach

Today it was 34 degrees C in New York (93 F), which meant I was sweating like a whore in a church just by breathing, let alone if I would attempt some minor activity such as getting myself a cold drink. All in all, a great reason to go to the beach (because when you sweat in the beach people will probably assume you just went for a swim, hah tricked the system once again).

Carb cycling and counting macros

Carb cycling and counting macros. For those of you who don’t know what it is it may not sound that exciting. Trust me I get it, I would rather chase pigeons in Central Park with Voldemort than do math. However, the results you can get are worth it. What is carb cycling? First things first,…

Abducted on a bike-taxi in New York?

The stranger however threw a curve ball “It’s free I promise!” he yelled as we were calmly but determinedly trying to escape the other bike-taxi riders (who were also trying to manipulate us into going for a ride).