Summer 2017 Makeup Trends You Need To Know About

It is summer, which means you probably have more time, which means you have more time to do your make-up, which means you can look like Beyoncé. Okay I lied, no one can look like Beyoncé. Nevertheless; with the following make-up trends (as seen on catwalks and fashion weeks around the world) you can slay…

June Summer Beauty Finds

Sunshine, beach waves in your hair, shades and white wine, who does not love the summer? Summer 2017 has brought me a few beauty discoveries that made this season even better. So get yourself a cocktail, amiga, and lets get this list of beauty finds rolling.

OROGOLD: peel your skin with gold?

She told me about this skin care product that was supposedly going to make my skin so radiant, even-toned and glowy that I could basically toss my foundation out the window.